Meme of the Day- November 30, 2021

My apologies for not posting this yesterday. Today’s “Meme of the Day” is Spanish or Vanish. This was another meme requested by one of my friends. This meme originated from the popular video game Roblox. This person was imitating what the app Duolingo notifies you with when you haven’t done the language speaking lessons for the day. I hope you guys enjoy this meme! I got this image of Spanish or Vanish off of Me.Me.

Why have I not been posting “Meme of the Day”?

For the last week or so, my school was on break for a holiday celebrated in the United States called Thanksgiving. Since we were on break, I chose not to post the “Meme of the Day” for a while. I will try to get back to posting this on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. In a few weeks, however, I will stop posting the “Meme of the Day” for an extended period of time due to a break away from school for Christmas. I hope this summarizes enough of why I haven’t posted lately!

Meme of the Day- November 18, 2021

My apologies for not posting this earlier. Today’s “Meme of the Day” was recommended by one of my friends. This meme is a cursed cow caught on the camera of a Ring Doorbell. It is definitely very creepy.  It seems that this cow was captured on camera in the night.  I got this image from Reddit. Thank you for visiting another meme on this series on my blog!

Week 11 Challenge- Transportation Discussion

I think the best form of transportation is aircraft. I think this because it can cover long distances in a pretty short time period. It is a very efficient type of transportation if you are travelling internationally. It is very efficient because it can cross land or bodies of water at a pretty fast clip. Travelling by aircraft has its downsides though. It can hurt our planet quite badly. The emissions from aircraft could pollute our planet. If there wasn’t aircraft, travelling longer distances would possibly take up to 5 times longer than with aircraft.

Meme of the Day- November 16, 2021

I apologize for not posting this yesterday. Since I didn’t post the “Meme of the Day” yesterday, I will post yesterday’s today. The “Meme of the Day” for today is Cursed Dark Mario. This was recommended to me by a friend.  Cursed Dark Mario is just a picture of Mario but with a filter that makes it look more spooky. I got this image of Cursed Dark Mario off of the a version of Pinterest from a different country.

McDowell Middle School Overview

McDowell Middle School is located in Circleville, Ohio. To get to school, my mom drives me and my sister each morning. The school day lasts from 7:55 AM to 2:31 PM. At McDowell Middle School, each student has 7 periods. Every period is around 1 hour each. At McDowell, I have 6 different teachers throughout each day. We take our book bags to any class that we go to throughout the day. We also have school Chromebooks that we take to and from school each day. We are responsible to bring it back each day. From Kindergarten through 6th Grade, we had recess. From 7th Grade until we graduate, there is no recess. During AE on Fridays, students get to go outside if they have all of their work done. 

School Schedule

I have Science for my first period. Next, I have Honors Algebra. Third, I have Advanced Language Arts. For fourth period, it is split into 4A and 4B. For every 7th Grade student, 4A is Lunch. For period 4B, every 7th Grade student has Academic Enrichment. For 5th Period, I have Social Studies. For 6th Period, I have Art. For my final period, I have Guided Study. 

District Setup

There are 6 different school buildings throughout the school district of Logan Elm. There are 3 Elementary schools. There is Laurelville Elementary, Pickaway Elementary, and Washington Elementary. All of the elementary schools are for Kindergarten through 4th Grade. After elementary school, there is Saltcreek Intermediate School. Saltcreek is for grades 5 and 6. It is where all of the elementaries join together. Next, there is the school that I currently go to, McDowell Middle School. McDowell is for grades 7 and 8. Finally, there is Logan Elm High School. It is for grades 9 through 12. 

I got this image of our school from the Circleville Herald.

Meme of the Day- November 12, 2021

You have been stick bugged! Today’s meme is the stick bug. In this occasion, the insect known as the stick bug is dancing on someone’s porch railing. If you have been on the internet pretty frequently, you likely have seen this meme. It was created in 2018. It has been a popular meme ever since. I got this GIF of the stick bug off of Tenor.

Meme of the Day- November 11, 2021

You knew it was going to happen eventually. The “Meme of the Day” for today is the very popular meme, the Rick Roll. The Rick Roll originated from the popular 1980s song, “Never Gonna Give You Up” By Rick Astley. The memed part is when he does a little bit of a shuffle in the visual of the song. That is a little a bit about the “Meme of the Day” for today. I got this GIF from

Week #10 100 Word Challenge

This is a big problem. It can hurt our planet severely. This could be releasing a lot of pollution into the air. Those fumes could impact our planet a lot. It is something that can be prevented to make our earth a better place.  If things like this could be stopped, I think climate change’s effects could not be occurring as rapidly as it is currently. I think that there could be a way to do this, but in a way that isn’t as harmful to the earth. Hopefully, an effective solution will be found for this problem.


Image from 100 Word Challenge


Meme of the Day- November 9, 2021

This is fine dog, This is fine meme, Cartoon pics

The “Meme of the Day” for today is “This is fine”. As you can see, it is a dog that says “This is fine” even though it is in a very bad situation. In this case, it is the house that it is in that is on fire. It is sitting at a table, which could easily be ignited by the surrounding fire. The dog does not pay any attention to the predicament that it is in. I got this image of “This is fine” from