College Road Trip Unit

This is my Padlet wall for a College Road Trip Unit that I am doing in Language Arts. I am pretty balanced in my learning style, with visual and tactile being my main learning styles. So far, the college that I have liked the most from my research, is Western Kentucky University. My top three career paths were Finance, Technology, and Science. The main career that I want to pursue, is Meteorology.

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Week #21 100 Word Challenge

From this image, I think these two are about to go on a hike or something similar. This is because you can barely see what look like walking sticks at the top of the image, and in the shadows. Also in this image, it seems to be a sunny day, due to the glare and brightness from the surface of the picture. The area seems to be quite dry, but not a desert because there is some grass, but it seems pretty dried up where the two people are walking. These are some of the features that I got from this image.

Week #19 100 Word Challenge

I think if the term “And the winner is” occurred, the event is quite important. It seems that the event was one that was judged, but the scores were not revealed until the very end of the event. In my opinion, it seems that the event was the final part of a talent show. This is due to the talent shows like America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent do something of the same. I think if you didn’t win, it would give you a feeling of melancholy. You probably would feel that your hard work would be for nothing.

Week #18 100 Word Challenge

Whenever I see this picture, it makes me pretty happy. This makes me happy, because I personally love the colder weather and the activities that I am able to do in it. It also makes me happy because it shows that maybe global warming isn’t impacting our climate for the WHOLE year. It shows that our winters are still producing some cold. Hopefully, winter has many mornings like this, where there is either frost or snow on the ground. This would show that we are advancing a bit against global warming, or it isn’t as severe as we first thought.

Week #17 100 Word Challenge

The yellow taxi drove threw the city trying to get its passengers to their destination. They hoped to go to a waterfall, which was a large part of the area. As they got closer, they could see some parts of the landmark, which made them very excited. At the time that they arrived, the water was flowing and falling very heavily. There was a lot of mist surrounding it due to the amount of moisture radiating from it. The citizens enjoyed their stay, and they will likely be coming back in the following years to come.

Week #16 100 Word Challenge

The year of 2021 was definitely interesting. A lot of people thought it was a bad year. At the beginning, I thought that it wouldn’t be like 2020, which was the previous year. I  found out decently quick that I was quite wrong. Overall, it was a chaotic year. Hopefully, 2022 will be better. I hope there will be more advancements against COVID-19 so it can start to be a less major thing that we have to worry about. Another thing that made 2021 a bad year was disagreement. If people agree more, or respect others’ opinions more, this year will be pretty good.

My 2022 Vision Board

This is my vision board of some of the things that I want to accomplish in 2022. I hope to succeed in the remainder of 7th grade. I also hope to be more social and a bit more independent in some aspects. I also hope to be a helpful student tutor for the rest of the school year. That is a bit about my vision board!

Oh! I almost forgot, I will try to get back to the “Meme of the Day” for next week. So, be prepared for that. I may also try out another series or two in the future. My apologies for not being active for so long!

My 1 Wish

If there was one wish of mine that could be granted, it would be for everyone in the world to agree with each other, or respect others’ opinions. It seems that the world has been split apart for a lot of 2021. It has mainly been because some have thought of others’ opinions as incorrect on certain occasions. If this happened, I believe that it would make the world’s society better. I think it would help everyone in the world unite, and solve a lot of problems that have been lingering for a long time.


Image from 100 Word Challenge.

Meme of the Day- November 30, 2021

My apologies for not posting this yesterday. Today’s “Meme of the Day” is Spanish or Vanish. This was another meme requested by one of my friends. This meme originated from the popular video game Roblox. This person was imitating what the app Duolingo notifies you with when you haven’t done the language speaking lessons for the day. I hope you guys enjoy this meme! I got this image of Spanish or Vanish off of Me.Me.

Why have I not been posting “Meme of the Day”?

For the last week or so, my school was on break for a holiday celebrated in the United States called Thanksgiving. Since we were on break, I chose not to post the “Meme of the Day” for a while. I will try to get back to posting this on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. In a few weeks, however, I will stop posting the “Meme of the Day” for an extended period of time due to a break away from school for Christmas. I hope this summarizes enough of why I haven’t posted lately!