Week #16 100 Word Challenge

The year of 2021 was definitely interesting. A lot of people thought it was a bad year. At the beginning, I thought that it wouldn’t be like 2020, which was the previous year. I  found out decently quick that I was quite wrong. Overall, it was a chaotic year. Hopefully, 2022 will be better. I hope there will be more advancements against COVID-19 so it can start to be a less major thing that we have to worry about. Another thing that made 2021 a bad year was disagreement. If people agree more, or respect others’ opinions more, this year will be pretty good.

One thought on “Week #16 100 Word Challenge

  1. I agree with you, Adam. What happened to just “agree to disagree” and still respect each other? This year would be much better if we would see more of that.

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